Advanced Brewers Classes

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This series of classes is designed to go over each element of brewing and the brewing process to take you from a beginner brewer to an advanced brewer.

Hops and Malts Class-This class will go over hopping, We will talk about dry-hopping, mash hopping, all the different ways to hop. We will also go over how to use the different formulas for calculating recipes. We will also make some hop teas for you to try in store.This class will go over mashing. We will go over the process, the different ideas with the process, different types of mashing, and all of the important parts of making good beer from all-grain recipes. This class will also go over different types of malts and what they mean to the brewing proces

Recipe Formulation Class- This class will go over recipe formulation and different malts. We will go over the procedure how we formulate recipes and different methods of calculating. We will give out handouts so that you can takes notes. 

Off Flavors Class- During the class we will go over off flavors that are evident in beer. This will include where off flavors come from and how to prevent them.

Beer Chemistry Class- This class will go over the different chemistry involved in beer making. This will include water chemistry, mash conversion, hop utilization, and fermentation. We will go over the Springfield, Water report for this class.

Yeast and Fermentation/ Class- This class will go over fermentation. We will go over what happens during fermentation. We will also go over yeast metabolism and different types of yeast.We will also talk about ways to grow yeast and keep yeast.

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