Shrink Tool/Bag Decapper

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This tool is great for taking the caps off of wine kit bags or for holding your bottle during the shrinking stage

Place shrink capsule on the bottle.
Take the 2 in 1 tool and place it on top
of the shrink capsule.
With your hand press the 2 in 1 tool
against the bottle. Be sure you hold
the bottle tightly to avoid dropping it.
(As per picture).
Bring water to a continuous boil in a
saucepan deep enough to completely
immerse shrink.
Holding the 2 in 1 tool against the
bottle dip the shrink completely in the
boiling water.
No more than 3 seconds are necessary
to shrink capsule.
Once finished, remove the bottle from
water and wipe it dry.
For best results, water must be boiling
all the time and choose the smallest
shrink-capsule that fits your bottle.
We recommend shrinking prior to
labeling your
-This is not a toy. Keep it away from children.
-Boiling water can cause burns. Use with caution.

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