Malic Acid

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Malic acid, along with tartaric acid, is one of the principal organic acids found in wine grapes. It is found in nearly every fruit and berry plant but it's most often associated with green apples from which flavor it most readily projects in wine.. The levels of malic acid in grape berries are at their peak just before veraison when they can be found in concentrations as high as 20 g/L. As the vine progresses through the ripening stage, malic acid is metabolized in the process of respiration and by harvest its concentration could be as low as 1 to 9 g/L. The respiratory loss of malic acid is more pronounced in warmer climates. When all the malic acid is used up in the grape it is considered “over-ripe” or senescent. Winemakers must compensate for this loss by manually adding acid at the winery in a process known as acidification

Add this to your wine if you find it to be low in titratable acid.
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